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Welcome to my tarot and channeled poetry section of my site!

Tarot Readings 

I am bringing back tarot readings again. The format can be an emailed reading or we can set up a Zoom meeting for a live face to face reading. Currently, live Zoom reading bookings will be taken via emailed request, message for availability. 

1 question email reading: $15

2 question email reading: $25

25 minutes 1 question zoom reading $25

40 minutes  2 question zoom reading: $35

Channeled Poetry Tarot 

Here is an example of a channeled love poem from a poetry reading.

She walks with the ocean waves with shells twinkling at her feet

Loving her was like looking at antique fine china on your grandmother’s shelf

You are much too low to reach her and you know how forbidden it is

But all you want to do is cradle her in your empty arms 


She is the most beautiful glass figurine under the cloche

On the highest shelf of the bookcase

So out of reach 

So sparkly and protected from a world she is much too precious for

Do you like poetry and love letters? Spirit is guiding me to use my gift of writing poetry to help spread love and oneness. While I read tarot for clients I am able to connect with their divine counterparts during readings. 

These are special tarot readings that end up in a channeled poem from your divine counterpart, which I like to refer to as your "souls echo". But other names for it could be your soul mate or twin flame. Live Zoom readings will have poetry plus love messages for you. 

If you want to have some fun, and receive an old fashioned, hand written letter in the mail, here is your chance!  The letter will likely show up exactly when you need to hear your message, employing the laws of synchronicity. Note: The email of the same poem(s) will be sent within the 5 days so you can choose if you want to read it via email or wait for the handwritten version in the snail mail. Please kindly send your pronouns with your request. 

For Zoom readings we will start with a brief grounding meditation then begin the channeled love reading with poetry and any other love messages that emerge for you. 

One individualized channeled love poem just for you

Sent in the mail and emailed


A zoom reading with beginning with a relaxing grounding meditation and then love messages and poem(s) will be received through the tarot reading. 

Poem(s) will be written down and sent to you after the reading via email and regular mail. 

40 minutes  $44

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