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Oceans of Roses Tarot &

Channeled Poetry 

Welcome to my tarot and channeled poetry section of my site! To set up zoom readings or to request emailed tarot or to get a channeled poem, click link to contact me.

Tarot Readings 

I am bringing back tarot readings again. The format can be an emailed reading or we can set up a zoom meeting for a live face to face reading. Currently I will be offering:

2 question email reading: $30

40 minute 2 question zoom reading: $45

Channeled Poetry 

Do you like poetry and love letters? Spirit is guiding me to use my gift of writing to help spread love and oneness. While I read tarot for clients I found that I am able to connect with their divine counterparts during readings. 

These are special tarot readings that end up in a channeled poem from your divine counterpart, which I like to refer to as your "souls echo". 

What I'll need from you is your first name, your pronouns, address, and then something about yourself. Your favourite song, animal, flower, whatever you feel drawn to share! 

These poems are usually channeled writings from your divine counterparts, and occasionally your spirit guide team so these love poems may be more of a  are self love ones instead of a romantic love.  The letter will likely show up exactly when you need to hear your message.

If you want to have some fun, receive an old fashioned letter in the mail please reach out! Note: poem can be emailed if that is preferred. 

One individualized channeled love poem. $20

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