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About Me

Hello and welcome to Sacred Birch Healing. My name is Tanja Tomlinson and I am a RCRT, Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist, and have been practicing Usui Reiki for 5 years. My background also includes working as a Licensed Practical Nurse for 12 years. 

My journey started with an inkling that something in my life was off and wasn't quite right. Something that had been dormant in me began to bubble up. A desire to connect with my spiritual side and live a more fulfilled life. That's when I discovered Reiki.

Reiki showed me that there was an alternative to living the high stress, low energy lifestyle I was leading. Part of this included and continues to include meeting myself where I am with acceptance and unconditional love. Reiki helps facilitate this self acceptance and brings us to the present moment. Life is constantly offering us opportunities to learn, connect and grow if we are open to it.   

I am honored to share Reiki and Reflexology with others through providing sessions and by teaching the sacred lineage of Reiki to those who also feel called to this path. I am here to walk beside you and help you find the wonder, the love and the healing we are all meant to experience. I look forward to seeing you soon in a session or in a class. 

In love, light and kindness,

Tanja Tomlinson


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